Sunday Reflections (Oct., 14, 2012): Pink Sunday, 2 Peter, Speaking Engagements

Pink Sunday

Every year in October, churches around the country wear pink to remember those who have died from Breast Cancer and to support those who suffer from it or have survived it. Today, we observed Pink Sunday and encouraged our members to join the Antioch Team in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Dallas event coming up this weekend.

This Sunday was my day to preside over our worship services. I saw this as providential because on yesterday I, along with my family, mourned the loss and celebrated the life of my brother’s wife who died from breast cancer. As I stood behind the pulpit today to call our church to worship, I couldn’t help but to refer to my sister-in-law and her time suffering from cancer. Jesus was gracious towards Johnnie Mae. I know it can be difficult to acknowledge this in times of grief, but He was. He was gracious to save her from her sin. He was gracious to shape her in his image during her time in this life. He was gracious to sustain her during her sickness (to the point to where she had joy and peace through it all, and to where she never fell away from Him in terms of her faith and devotion). And lastly, He was gracious in being present with her as she switched from our presence to His.

We will miss her. Though we grieve, we – those of us in the family who have trusted Jesus as Savior and Lord – do not grieve without hope. As I said in my prayer at the funeral, we don’t say goodbye, we say see you soon because of the living hope that we have through our resurrected Savior, Jesus.

2 Peter

I began my teaching series on 2 Peter today. I’ve entitled it, “2 Peter: Living With The End In Mind.” We were scheduled to study verses one to nine for the first lesson, called, “Living A Quality Christian Life.” How about we only made it through verses one to three! Yes, I am shaking my head, laughing. I’ve got to do better at content and class management. Nevertheless, it was a great time in the Word.

Speaking Engagements

I’m asking for your prayers this week as I prepare for a few speaking engagements coming up this weekend.

Saturday Morning – Cedar Hill High School’s Seniors Breakfast

Saturday Mid-day – Keynote Speaker at Greater New Bethel’s Men’s Conference (Pastor Nyal Bell)

Sunday Morning – Preaching at The Omni Church (Pastor Myron Hardy –

Have a great week!

P.S. – Yep, the Cowboys lost again today. That’s all I’m going to say about that. When does the NBA season start again? 🙂 I’m not hating on the ‘Boys. I’m just more of a basketball fan than football. Let’s go, Mavs (I truly hope they do well this season because I have some Lakers fan-friends who will not let me hear the end of it if they don’t.)!

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  1. Hi pastor Johnson! I’m glad y’all didn’t get too far. That means I won’t be too far behind 😉 I didn’t get to bed until 6am this morning after traveling to my son’s football game in Beaumont. Turn around trips will kill you but I managed to stumble in church late but I made it for that awesome Word! This is the only thing I hate about this time of the year. It cuts into Sunday worship but have to support my boy!
    I want to encourage you to keep pressing on in The Lord. I so love your ministry and boldness for The Lord. You have that Jamal Bryant “don’t care” spirit Lol! What I mean by that is you don’t care what ppl say or how they feel you preach The Word as it is. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else! I love it and I’m praying for you and I know God is going to do great thing with you and for you with your ministry.


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