Have You Prayed For Your Pastor(s) Lately?

I remember my parents taking me to church every Sunday when I was a child. Back then, we would attend Baptist Training Union and Sunday School from roughly 8:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m., and then turn around and get ready for worship service, which started at 11 a.m. and ended around 1:00 p.m. But that’s not all! We would often times come back or go to another church for a 3:00 afternoon service. We were in church services practically all day. Now this is not a call for us to go back to the “good ‘ole days.” I am just reminiscing over what church life was like for me growing up.

Why am I mentioning all of this? Well, because out of all the things that I remember doing (and being a part of), I rarely remember praying for my pastor, who was at the helm of all that was going on at our church. At the time, I truly didn’t understand why I needed to or what I should actually pray for. It was only after having grown some in my relationship with Jesus and in the knowledge of the Scriptures, and having witnessed my home church go through a split and tension-filled pastoral searches did I realize the importance of praying for him and other pastors. I saw not only the joys that my pastor experienced, but the sorrows, heartaches, harsh criticism, false accusations, wrong assumptions, and disappointments as well. To be honest, I still didn’t pray for him as much as I probably should have. Why? Because I didn’t understand or feel the weight of responsibility associated with pastoral leadership.

But now that I am a pastor, I get it. I really do. And, yes, I know that being an Associate Pastor is not at the level of responsibility as a Lead or Senior Pastor. Although it is not to the same degree, I still feel the weight and see and sense the spiritual warfare.

So, with this month being Pastor Appreciation Month, would you honor and care for your pastor (or pastors/elders, if you are at a church with multiple ones) by praying for him (or them)?

We need it so desperately.

And if you would like to know how to pray for us, here are some good suggestions from an article written by Pastor John Piper to the members of the church where he serves as an Elder and the Pastor for Preaching and Vision: Bethlehem Baptist Church.


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  1. I can most definitely relate to the staying at church all day πŸ™‚ We actually had fun because my grandmother would cook a boat load of food and we would eat on the grounds out of the trunk of the car! The things we used to do Lol! I could not wait until I was older cause I told myself I was not going to church that often anymore then to find out, I could not LIVE without it.
    I think we had a new pastor every year, seems like. I grew up in Louisiana, country church back in the woods. Talking about drama, we had it in the church and it was always about what the pastor was doing or not doing. I was not as wise then as I am now but like you, I didn’t know anything about praying for them. All I know my grandmother stood behind them faithfully no matter what. So if she liked them, we liked them πŸ™‚ But now that I am wiser, I realize all pastors need prayer every minute, second, hour of the day. I pray for my pastor and leadership all the time. The “church grounds” are not as Holy as they were or appeared to be back in the day. There are just certain things you could not even do or say when we drove up, not to mention on the inside. But that’s another blog Lol! There’s a lot of tugging, weight, and issues of others that a pastor has to carry and it’s not easy so I pray for my pastor all the time!

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