Makeup Monday

And, no, I am not talking about beauty tips (I just saw this title on the web if you are wondering why I wrote this. :)).

I was doing so much preparation this past week and over the weekend that I didn’t have time to publish my normal Sunday Reflections post. So, this is my Monday to make it up. Where to begin?

“The Vault” Men’s Gathering

On Tuesday of last week, I was honored with the opportunity to come and teach the men of Morse Street Baptist Church in Denton, TX at the bi-weekly men’s gathering that they call “The Vault.” They call it that to communicate to the men that this is a safe place where they can come and open up about their lives to each other for care and accountability. They have a saying: “What goes on in the Vault, stays in the Vault.” I like that. My topic was “So You Want To Be Great…” (select Scriptures). I touched on three points: 1. Great Leadership (as defined by Jesus), 2. Gross Leadership, and 3. Godly Leadership. We had a great time in the Word.

My Next Book

I normally take out time to write on Fridays, which is my day off. This past Friday was no different. There are days when I sit down to write and it just flows, and then there are others where it is slow going. I have to constantly remind myself to write first and edit second. I always want to do both though. It’s tough to shake that, but I have to. I have a self-imposed deadline of the 1st quarter in 2013 to complete it. We will see if I can stick to that. I pray so. But if not, I won’t be too down. I’d rather go over my deadline in order to put out a faithful (to Scripture) and helpful (for you) book, than meet it and not.

2 Peter

I continued my “2 Peter: Living With The End In Mind” teaching series on Sunday. My lesson title was “False Teachers in the Church” (2 Peter 2-10a). We had a spirited discussion just on verses 1-3. I am praying that by the end of this section of Scripture we will all be better equipped to discern false teachers/teaching, and, more importantly, that we will be strengthened to hold to Jesus, His Gospel, and sound doctrine that produces love and holiness.

Preaching Engagement

A friend of mine, Pastor Tim Collins, called me to ask if I would come and preach at his church (Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Lancaster, TX) on yesterday. I am always elated to receive invitations to preach. It is both humbling and an honor that God would graciously give me opportunities to stand to declare His Word. I came from Philippians 2:1-10 and titled the message, “Can We Get Along?” I prayed yesterday that the Mt. Zion family would be helped through the preaching of God’s Word. By all accounts, they were. Praise God!

I hope you had a great weekend, and trust and pray that you have a great week!


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