Beyond the Dream – Republished!

BTD frontcover

I never thought I would see the day, but in February 2012 it happened; a God-given dream of mine came to pass. I published and released my debut book, “Beyond the Dream: Transitioning from a Dream to its Fulfillment in Your Life.” Here is a brief synopsis:

Has God given you a dream? Has He not yet fulfilled it? Do you wonder what to do in the meantime? If you are one of thousands of Christians who can answer yes to those questions, Beyond the Dream was written for you. Discovering the dream that God has for you is an amazing experience, but when He doesn’t bring that dream to fruition in the way you want it to – or as quickly as you want it to – despair, disillusionment, or desperation can set in. But God’s Word gives the encouragement you need to make it through this season in your life.

Beyond the Dream is a down-to-earth, Old Testament character study of Joseph – a man who had big dreams but had to endure hardships, and experienced some twists and turns in the road before God brought those dreams to fruition. Ed Johnson III draws out four simple lesson from the life of Joseph to help you see what God desires of you in the time of transition from dream to reality.

Although the process of writing and publishing was, at times, painstaking and laborious, the end result was well worth it. “So, if you published this in 2012, why are you posting about it again?” Great question. Without delving into all the details, my book has recently been republished and released again. My experience with the former publishing company (Winepress Publishing) was pleasurable. They did a good job on my project and were very professional. But due to some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances on their end, our publishing relationship came to an end earlier this year.

But in all of that I see the providential hand of God at work because now I am with another great Christian self-publishing company that is under the umbrella of an outstanding and reputable traditional publishing organization. I am grateful to announce that I have joined the Westbow Press (A Division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan) family! As I type this post, my author copy is sitting on the desk next to me. Although the cover and content are virtually the same as before (with some minor tweaks, along with the obvious publishing company notation and logo changes), their editing and formatting work on my book is exceptional, making it more clean and crisp.

If you are looking to self-publish, click here for more information about Westbow Press.

If you haven’t done so already, I would love for you to have a copy or copies of my book in your hands. The book is available for purchase in both softcover and e-book format at, Barnes and Noble, and Westbow’s online bookstore (which has a Google Preview of the Contents, Foreword, and Acknowledgments pages). Though my book has been read by and benefits adults of all ages, I have found that it is especially relevant to high school and college students, and working young adults. Thanks for your support.

P.S. – I am currently writing my second book. Please be in prayer with and for me that I may complete this project by year’s end.

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