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Rest for Your Soul (Quote)


The soul seeks God with its whole being. Because it is desperate to be whole, the soul is God-smitten and God-crazy and God-obsessed. My mind may be obsessed with idols; my will may be enslaved to habits; my body may be consumed with appetites. But my soul will never find rest unit it rests in God.

Soul Keeping: Caring for the Most Important Part of You (John Ortberg)

“Husbands by Design” Book Endorsement #4: James R. Womack


James R. Womack and I met when he served as the Associate Pastor of Christian Education at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church (Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor). He now serves as the Lead Pastor of Destiny Church, a church he planted in Ft. Worth, TX. James is a disciple of Jesus, a family man, a faithful pastor and preacher-teacher of God’s word.

I am honored to know him and am grateful for his support of my book. He writes:

I recommend this book to men who accept the privilege of being husbands. Ed provides clear instruction and inspiration for married men.


Click here to learn more about Pastor Womack and Destiny Church.

“Husbands by Design” Book Endorsements

HBD Cover Pic

When you write a book, one that you’ve prayed fervently over and worked tirelessly on, it is such a joy-filled moment (and a relief) to finally hold the first printed copy in your hands. But what is equally satisfying and humbling is to have people you love and respect give their endorsement of your work.

So, in anticipation of the upcoming official release of my new book this week, I want to share with you what others have so graciously said about Husbands by Design: A Biblical Blueprint of Godly Husbands (published by Lucid Books). First up, Dr. Karry D. Wesley, Senior Pastor of Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist (Dallas, TX):

Pastor Ed Johnson III does a remarkable job dealing with the God-given role of the husband in the institution of marriage. This book is a must-read for all married men as well as those planning to become husbands in the future.


For more information about Dr. Wesley, his published works, and the Antioch Church (where I serve full-time as one of the Associate Pastors), click here.

The Purpose of Preaching (Quotes)

Dr. Abraham

Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla, Professor of Pastoral Ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary, said,

Preaching facilitates the conformation of the people of God into the image of the Son of God.


Preaching is the means by which we are taught how to be Christlike.

Homiletical Cars and Bumpy Rides (Quote)

The defining essence of an expository sermon lies primarily in its content, not its form. But thesis 4 [There is No Such Thing as the Sermon Form] needs to be qualified. Some people disagree with it. They believe that preaching is marked by a certain form, and they should know…So if you drive your homiletical car down a new road, you may be in for a bumpy ride. Davies observes that for many people, preaching is like church bells – an easily recognized and comforting sound that will be tolerated so long as it does not disturb early morning sleep. Howard adds, “Ruts become routines. Routine, carried on in the local church, tends to become ‘righteous.’ Righteous routine becomes unassailably, uncritically rigid – the best and only way to do things. Along come those who want to make a change in this rigidly righteous routine. They may find out that what they propose to change is something that others are deeply attached to and not about to change…Fierce defenders of the established faith are also often fierce defenders of the established format.”

Preaching With Variety: How To Re-create the Dynamics of Biblical Genres by Jeffrey D. Arthurs (pp. 16-17)

“Destiny” by Dr. Tony Evans (Quote)

God didn’t change the purpose; He just changed the timing. You may feel as if God has always wanted you to do something, yet your life seems to be headed in another direction. Unless God changes your desire and burden to fulfill your purpose, keep holding on to it. It may simply be a matter of time. You may be in a period of development as God prepares you to carry out your purpose.

Destiny: Let God Use You Like He Made You, pg. 146

Destiny by Tony Evans

Many Christians are living with feelings of insignificance because they cannot see how they relate to the much larger, comprehensive puzzle of God’s purpose. You may be a fancy piece, a pretty piece, a handsome piece, or a well-crafted piece, but until you connect to the greater meaning for which you were created, you are just a piece without a picture. And as we have seen, this is the greater meaning: God has created us all to bring Him the greatest glory and achieve the maximum expansion of His kingdom through the impact of our good works. Good works are biblically authorized activities that benefit people for time and eternity and that give the credit to God. If you are a Christian, whatever you are called to do will achieve both those things. God’s kingdom is His comprehensive rule over all of His creation. Fulfilling your destiny includes doing the kind of things that manifest the presence of God to a greater degree. Every Christian is a part of God’s kingdom and a piece in God’s puzzle of live. Advancing God’s kingdom isn’t only for professional ministers or evangelists. It is for everyone…That means that everything you do has now become kingdom activity, even if you once considered it to be secular. There is no distinction between the secular and the sacred when you are a kingdom-minded person. Everything is sacred for those who are living underneath the overarching rule of the King in His kingdom.”

– Dr. Tony Evans (Destiny: Let God Use You Like He Made You, pg. 64-65)

R.C. Sproul on Understanding Scripture

In seeking an objective understanding of Scripture, we do not thereby reduce Scripture to something cold, abstract and lifeless. What we are doing is seeking to understand what the word says in its context before we go about the equally necessary task of applying it to ourselves. A particular statement may have numerous possible personal applications, but it can only have one correct meaning. Alternate interpretations which are contradictory and mutually exclusive cannot both be true unless God speaks with a forked tongue.

Knowing Scripture by R.C. Sproul (pg. 39)

Gospel Renewal Among the Church

When the gospel comes home – when believers no longer have to maintain their image as competent and righteous – it naturally breaks down barriers that impede relationships and leads to more authentic experiences of community with others. Pretense and evasion become unnecessary. The gospel also creates a humility that makes believers empathetic and patient with others. All of this enables relationships within the church to thicken and deepen. During times of renewal, the distinct countercultural nature of the church becomes attractive to outsiders. Finally, gospel renewal will produce people who are humbled (and thus not disdainful or contemptuous toward those who disagree with them) yet love (and thus less concerned about others’ opinions of them). Therefore every believer becomes a natural evangelist. Times of renewal are always times of remarkable church growth, not through membership transfer and “church shopping,” but through conversion. There is also a renewed emphasis on poverty and justice ministries. When Christians realize they did not save themselves but were rescued from spiritual poverty, it naturally changes their attitudes toward people who are in economic and physical poverty. This kind of humble concern is the message of James 1 – 2 and many other biblical texts. Christians renewed by the gospel render sacrificial service to neighbors, the poor, and the community and city around them. All of these changes, both within the church and the surrounding community, will eventually have a broad effect on the culture. Gospel-shaped believers who belong t churches that are experiencing gospel renewal often have a deep, vital, and healthy impact on the arts, business, government, media, and academy of any society.

Center Church: Doing Balance, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City by Tim Keller (pg. 81)

Dave Kraft on Leadership

The first and greatest mistake, which in essence gives birth to all the other mistakes, is not allowing Jesus to have his rightful place in our life and ministry. We often start out well with him in the center, but over time the thrill of seeing him at work, the accolades from those we serve, the lasting fruit from our efforts, and the adoration and respect of our peers, mentors, and network of ministry friends gradually become more important than Jesus. Add to this mix our own sinful egos and selfish ambition (James 3:14) and we have a recipe for disaster. We often don’t see this mistake because our experience is like the proverbial frog in a pot of water. If you place a frog in a pot of boiling water, he will jump out. But if you put him in a pot of cool water and then heat up the water gradually, a cold-blooded frog’s body will warm up as the water is warmed up, and he will sit quietly until he boils to death. Sin in our lives is often like slowly heating up the water. Our identity in and intimacy with Jesus slowly dissipates, and over time, the ministry begins to occupy center stage in our affections, time, and focus. It is all downhill from there in a leader’s life and ministry.

Mistakes Leaders Make by Dave Kraft (pg. 17-18)

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